An Open Letter to UK Parliament

March 12, 2021 Dear United Kingdom Members of Parliament, This letter is a direct plea to swiftly acknowledge the responsibility that you bear to address one of the most horrific human rights atrocities of our time. I was so impressed

A Joint Letter to President Biden

February 17, 2021 Joseph R. Biden President of the United States of America The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20500 Re: A Human Rights Approach to US-China Policy

Amazing Advocacy Work in Australia

As conversation on the developments in addressing the Uyghur atrocities continues, much attention has been paid to atrocity determination in the United States. Additionally, much groundwork for larger legislative action in Australia has been laid by the Australian Uyghur Tangritagh

“Voices of the Victims”- Remarks by Arfat Erkin

I came to the US as an international student at my University. My father was a well-known TV-producer and Journalist. My mom was a math teacher. Like many Uyghurs, in 2017 I lost contact with my parents while I was

“Voices of the Victims”-Remarks by Ziba Murat

Thank you Babur for the introduction, and thank you Campaign for Uyghurs team for providing us with a platform to speak about our struggle. All six of us here today have a common struggle, representative of the experience of millions,