Release of Crucial New Study by Dr. Adrian Zenz

The release of the latest study by Dr. Adrian Zenz offers further concrete evidence of the Chinese government’s genocidal crimes. Using Chinese regional data, Chinese documents, and interviews, the plummeting birth rate, population statistics, number of sterilization procedures, and even massive increase in birth control which was previously reported by witness testimony to be mandatory, all confirm that the atrocities can no longer be ignored.…Read More

Marking the Somber Event of the Shaoguan Toy Factory Murders

In the early hours of June, 26, 2009, a brutal attack on Uyghur workers in the Shao Guan toy factory which resulted in the deaths of multiple Uyghurs. Campaign for Uyghurs solemnly remembers this event, a tragedy that later sparked the Urumchi protests, incidents that were used and abused by the Chinese government to justify their fierce genocide of the Uyghurs. 

The city of Shaoguan, a primarily ethnically Hakka region, was an environment where tensions easily flourished and complaints about unfair treatment of Uyghurs in the factory were widespread. …Read More

Pakistan Compromising the Soul of Islam 

(Julie Millsap, CFU Exclusive)

Chinese propaganda sources laughably referred to as “news” outlets are quite fond of a certain tired tactic. Spouting Communist Party propaganda, they bring in foreign “experts” (usually unremarkable people with absolutely no area of expertise on the stated matter) to spout rubbish alongside them. The recent references in State-run media to Pakistani mouthpieces in a Xinhua News article is no exception, though the gravity of Pakistan’s willingness to ignore Islam for the love of money cannot be ignored. …Read More

Statement from Uerkesh Davlet on joining CFU

I am most humbled and honored to be elected as Honorary Chairman of the Board to the Campaign for Uyghurs, a human rights advocacy organization based in Washington DC, United States. This organization has campaigned tirelessly to shed light on the systematic human rights violations and cultural genocide currently taking place against the Uyghur, Kazak, and Turkic peoples of East Turkestan, a region that in China is known as the “Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.”

It is a great privilege for me to be able to join forces with the hard-working men and women fighting for our fellow Uyghurs at the CFU. I have been particularly impressed by the CFU’s work focusing on women and youth; these groups have suffered greatly under the suppression of the Chinese regime.

…Read More

Twitter and Big Technology’s Dark China Connections

Twitter Page Screenshot On May 27th, the Turkish twitter account for Campaign for Uyghurs, which was used for defending the rights of Muslim Uyghur Turks in East Turkistan was suspended. The very next day, May 28th, the Chinese language account was also suspended. In response, CFU director, Rushan Abbas, said “This newly initiated Chinese twitter account only had 50 followers, so the fact that the Chinese government feels so incredibly threatened by that is quite telling.” Both twitter accounts served no purpose other than making the voices of the oppressed heard and neither contained any illegal content. This brought up the question of whether China has an element of control over narratives on twitter regarding this issue. Unfortunately, many large organizations from the United Nations (UN) to giant companies have relied on China. …Read More

From Ziba Murat: My mother is a retired medical doctor. Free her from China’s Concentration Camp!

My name is Ziba Murat. I am an Uyghur-American. I have a plea to the world: Please help me bring my mom home from China’s concentration camp.

“You should get some rest when your baby is sleeping” this was her last message to me on 9/10/2018. That was the day when our worst nightmare became a reality. The Chinese government has extended their evil hands to take my mother, Dr. Gulshan Abbas, a 57-year-old Uyghur retired medical doctor, an intellectual, and most importantly, a law-abiding citizen of the People’s Republic of China. She was taken by the police to China’s infamous concentration camp where Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other ethnic Muslims are held, prisoner. …Read More

Congratulations to Gulchehra Hoja for receiving the Courage in Journalism Award 2020

The InternationalWomens MediaFoundation awarded Radio Free Asia Uyghur Service Journalist Gulchehre Hoja with the Courage in Journalism Award 2020.

After joining RFA in the US, she was sent a “red notice” from China, banning her entry to the country. Her family in East Turkistan face cultural genocide.

RFA Uyghur Service is the only Uyghur-language news service operating outside of China. Some of the most crucial reporting on the situation on the ground comes from this service.

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) today announced the recipients of its 30th annual Courage in Journalism Awards. Marking 30 years of exceptional courage in reporting, this year’s winners include Jessikka Aro of Finland’s Yle; imprisoned Egyptian multimedia journalist Solafa MagdyYakeen Bido, a freelance broadcast journalist in Syria; and, Uighur journalist of Radio Free Asia, Gulchehra Hoja. …Read More