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What is Genocide? 

The Xinjiang Data Projec

  • The Xinjiang Data Project documents the Chinese Communist Party’s ongoing program of human rights abuses and tech-enhanced authoritarianism and draws upon open source data including satellite imagery, Chinese government documents, official statistics and a range of authoritative reports and academic studies. 

Leaked Documents 

Reports/Atrocity Determinations (not comprehensive) 


Surveillance and Facial Recognition 

Human Rights Watch


Anti-Muslim & Minority Chinese State Media 

Camera footage

Concentration camps 

Crackdown on Uyghur Culture


Forced Labor

Forced marriage

History of East Turkistan


Intimidation of the Diaspora

Mining of genomic data 

Mining of data by AI companies 

Pair up and become “family”

Responses from other countries: 


Satellite Imagery of Camps