Akida’s Story: The Desperate Cry of a Uyghur Woman

“Dear world, please help!” The heartrending plea of a daughter who has been searching in vain for her mother, folklorist Rahile Dawut, for the past three years. by Ruth Ingram There is no end in sight. Living with the agony

Dr. Gulshan Abbas Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail

The world has understood. Through this absurd decision, the CCP is punishing her sister Rushan, for her brave campaign on behalf of the persecuted Uyghurs. by Ruth Ingram Relatives of Dr. Gulshan Abbas, the mystery of whose disappearance two years

Holocaust of the Uyghur People

By, Rushan Abbas        Source: fortherevolution Image of Rushan Abbas My name is Rushan Abbas. I am a Muslim, a Uyghur-American, a mother and a human rights activist. Background – Uyghurs under CCP Rule The tragedy unfolding today

The World is Ready for a New China

This article was written by Wu’er Kaixi (Uerkesh Davlet) for Medium As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) congratulates itself on yet another year in power, we should not forget that this so-called People’s Republic comes into the world “dripping from