Turkish protesters march in support of Uighurs after Ozil comments

Source: Reuters ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Thousands of protesters marched in support of China’s Uighurs in Istanbul on Friday and voiced solidarity with Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil after the furore caused by his criticism of China’s policies toward the Muslim minority.

Scholar Visited Xinjiang, Told the Truth—and Lost His Job in Albania

Source: BitterWinter Last week, Arsenal’s football star Mesut Özil denounced the persecution of Uyghur and other Turkic Muslims in the dreaded transformation through education camps. The CCP not only threatened Arsenal to cancel its lucrative contracts with China, but invited Özil to visit the

Why does Beijing fear the Uyghur community?

Source: ABC China’s government says it’s refashioning the camps it uses to detain Uyghur Muslims in the Western Province of Xinjian into training centres for farmers and herders. China has been under intense pressure to end the incarceration of what