Campaign for Uyghurs

Commemorating International Religious Freedom Day

CFU Press Release For Immediate Release October 27, 2020 11:00 a.m. EST Contact: On this day, Campaign for Uyghurs commemorates with somber resolve the 22nd anniversary of the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act (IRF Act). This act was

China Committing Genocide Against Uyghurs

China’s policies in East Turkistan and their treatment of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in the region constitute a genocide as defined in the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crimes of Genocide (the Genocide Convention). The

Holocaust of the Uyghur People

By, Rushan Abbas        Source: fortherevolution Image of Rushan Abbas My name is Rushan Abbas. I am a Muslim, a Uyghur-American, a mother and a human rights activist. Background – Uyghurs under CCP Rule The tragedy unfolding today

China’s Appointment to UNHRC

CFU Press Release For Immediate Release October 13, 2020 3:00 p.m. EST Contact: Campaign for Uyghurs somberly acknowledges that today stands as a symbol of fears realized. There is renewed need for further commitment to reveal the depth

Mark Cuban’s Complicity in China’s Genocide of Uyghurs

CFU Press Release For Immediate Release October 12, 2020 6:00 p.m. EST Contact: Perhaps more disturbing than the genocidal actions of a barbaric, tyrannical Chinese regime are the remarks by many Americans who defend it, using their platform

The World is Ready for a New China

This article was written by Wu’er Kaixi (Uerkesh Davlet) for Medium As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) congratulates itself on yet another year in power, we should not forget that this so-called People’s Republic comes into the world “dripping from

Global Day of Action 2020

CFU Press Release For Immediate Release September 29, 2020 12:30 p.m. EST Contact: Campaign for Uyghurs is pleased to be one of the organizers of the upcoming Global Day of Action. The event has been organized in cooperation