Pakistan Compromising the Soul of Islam 

(CFU Exclusive)

Chinese propaganda sources laughably referred to as “news” outlets are quite fond of a certain tired tactic. Spouting Communist Party propaganda, they bring in foreign “experts” (usually unremarkable people with absolutely no area of expertise on the stated matter) to spout rubbish alongside them. The recent references in State-run media to Pakistani mouthpieces in a Xinhua News article is no exception, though the gravity of Pakistan’s willingness to ignore Islam for the love of money cannot be ignored. 

Yet again, out of all the experts in the world,  the only “experts”  that Chinese media can come up with are these foreigners. A pathetic last card to be played, these mouthpieces serve as top propagandists. It is certainly no secret that Pakistan benefits economically from the same debt-trap diplomacy used in Africa and elsewhere by China, and The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project will certainly be their undoing later. Perhaps unconsciously on the part of the people, Pakistan is not only selling its Islamic values, morality,  values, and conscience but is also becoming like a province of China. While China continues to tout the deep friendship they enjoy with Pakistan, this is a ruse, as “friendship” on the part of the Chinese government always is. During the peak of the outbreak foreign residents of China, including Pakistanis, complained about racist treatment as regional Chinese officials forbid landlords to lease apartments to foreign students. China is happy to have this Pakistani “friendship” as it means that they can use Pakistan as a mouthpiece, bribed into cooperation via the Belt and Road Initiative. 

Pakistan and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have come under frequent criticism for betraying the values and brotherhood of Islam for money, and blood money at that. In the aforementioned Xinhua article, Ahmad Jawad stated that “all ethnic groups are provided with equal opportunities without discrimination, and the religious freedom is protected.” Aside from the grammatical error more common to Chinese written statements than Pakistani ones, one might question how a foreign statesman can comment on this matter with any authority. His assumption that “Xinjiang is developing very fast, which benefits the people of Xinjiang a lot.” is absurd. Once again, the word “people” in this statement refers to Han Chinese “settlers”, not the Uyghur Muslims whose homeland Pakistan’s government is participating in raping while China wages a war on Islam. 

Criticizing other countries’ foreign policies is not typically labeled by the countries in question as “interference”. Criticism of a policy will typically result in answers or explanations from the State in question, but in the case of China, it results only in childish deflection and more lies. Policy decisions regarding a country’s decision to sanction Chinese officials should be considered domestic affairs in that a nation addressing its complicity in China’s crimes against humanity is indeed of concern to the said nation.  In the case of the Uyghur Human Rights Policy, It must also be made clear that the United States stands to suffer from this law.  Even the attention over Trump’s seemingly callous disregard for the brewing genocide points to the truth that such bilateral cooperation not often seen in the current U.S. political climate must be in response to something so atrocious that it equally horrifies. Morality, and indeed, common human decency necessitates this action,  as is taught in Islam and cited in verses of the Holy Qur’an. As regards whose motivations are more pure in addressing human rights violations, we should ask, is it those who will be hurt economically by enforcing sanctions, or those who benefit economically by covering up China’s crimes against humanity? 

In another determined attempt in the examined article, racial injustice and unrest in the United States are again referenced in what is becoming a vastly overused tactic on the part of Chinese government officials, who fail to see how this may backfire against them. 

As injustices rise to the surface in the West, they are criticized and protests break out. Stories flood the media and citizens raise their voices….where are the similar voices in China? As Li Zhengsheng, a former Chinese newspaper employee later banned in China once said, “Germany has reckoned with its Nazi past, America still talks about its history of slavery, why can’t we Chinese talk about our own history?” But the very idea of questioning the Communist Party’s past or present is unreachable, and true progress, thus, is unknowable in China, with the nation left only the option of regressing as concerns democratic freedoms. Unfortunately, this regression in human rights is also empowered by countries outside who want in on the blood money. 

Just as the Chinese government does not allow true discussion of the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Square Massacre, or countless other atrocities, they have not and will not provide any admission of wrong. At present, even in dealing with the Covid19 pandemic caused by China and worsened by their suppression of information, the only thing the Chinese government has done in response is to deflect blame to the U.S. and deny responsibility, just as they do with their crimes against the Uyghurs. If deflection or pointing out one wrong justifies another, China would certainly be most justified, but the responsibility is not a figment of the imagination, as those of us with religious faith well know. But this is not China’s reality. China bears a pitiful regime, and namely because the Chinese government has changed its public statements regarding these concentration camps at dizzying speeds. Watching the narrative change so swiftly plays like a dark comedy where the audience is left shaking its heads over the number of times the antagonist has contradicted themselves. 

As the current narrative the CCP has turned to is that the camps are for “fighting terrorism” and thus other countries should not “interfere”, we must examine, astounded, the assumption that millions of Uyghurs are terrorists, especially when many of those reported missing in the camps are Uyghur intellectuals who have had good relationships with the Chinese government before the arrival of Chen Quanguo in the region. How convenient that the State has labeled an entire population as “terrorists” with the concurrent development of the BRI.  The benefits that are reaped from the disappearance of millions while eliminating their culture and stealing their land, property, and even children, are undeniably enormous, but the weight of sin for taking them is too great for a supposedly Islamic nation to bear. 

The notion that China is or ever has placed importance on unity among ethnic groups and the development of ethnic cultures is something that was only ever pursued at face value. This “harmony of ethnic groups” is widely touted, particularly as CCTV sticks Uyghur dancers in television programs praising China’s unity at opportunistic times. But when it comes to understanding and appreciating Uyghurs and the ideological differences of any of these non-Han cultures, China has never tried to embrace them. Instead, it has insisted on sinicizing all aspects of life, resulting in the underlying political and cultural belief in China that anything outside of Han Chinese culture that is not a beautiful dress or easily appropriated culture is determinedly eliminated. 

China believes that its “tactics” for “fighting terrorism” are “proven effective” in East Turkistan, but this view is the insanity of a mad tyrant. Does locking millions of people in concentration camps prevent terrorism, and in fact, the crime of all sorts? Absolutely, but it does not prove that the stated risk they proclaim was real…and these actions also serve to conveniently prevent questioning the party, educational differences, worshipping something other than Xi Jinping, and believer in moral truths…all of which undermine the party line that they are god and they alone deserve praise. This perpetuates state-sanctioned terrorism. If we examine the response to unrest in East Turkistan proportionately, we must conclude that Han Chinese should populate the next concentration camp since knife attacks in schools have been committed by Han Chinese men. In this instance, the societal collectivist mentality has been warped to completely eradicate the notion of the value of any individual life. 

The Pakistani government is used as an authority on the protection of religious freedom is preposterous, and we return to the question: why is Pakistan the bizarre authority regarding these Chinese atrocities? Because China is at present a dog backed into a corner, with seemingly few allies left, snapping at the world with pathetic aggression that leads other people to conclude that they can only clamor for its demise. 

Pakistan claims to be a Muslim country, and we are reminded that of the words of their heart, Muhammad Iqbal, when he said, “Run away from Muslims and take refuge in Islam! Because these Muslims show regard to all sorts of infidels.” Nothing could better represent the true infidel than the modern-day Chinese government and the absence of its moral bottom line. This regime’s worship is confined to money, and money alone. 

In the leaked Chinese government documents that have exploded across the internet, the so-called accusations against Uyghur Turks and other members of the Muslim community are listed as follows; proclaiming belief in Islam, references to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), growing a beard,  performing circumcision, following Muslim religious obligations, wearing headscarves, fasting during Ramadan, teaching children the Quran, teaching the Quran to anyone, studying abroad, having relatives abroad, collecting charity for a mosque, having more than one child, naming a child a Muslim name, using apps with references to Islam, and so on. The Communist regime has declared the necessity of rewriting the Quran to be more in line with socialist values, and they have declared the right to ‘fight terrorism via the word’. 

Uyghur children, who will form the next Muslim generation, have been placed in communist orphanages to be brainwashed and taught to praise Xi Jinping. Muslim Uyghur daughters have been forced to marry Han Chinese, contrary to the requirements of the religion of Islam. The babies in the stomach of the women who were sent to the camps were killed via forced abortion. The organs of the oppressed, who could not bear the persecution and die, were sold. Fathers who need to bring bread to their families and mothers who are expected to support their livelihoods started to work in factories such as slaves. If these Muslims, speaking on behalf of Pakistan, the country of Muhammad Iqbal, shared the same opinion as China, who is guilty of carrying out these practices against the Islamic religion, we should remember another word of Iqbal, “I breathe, but there is no life ”. Pakistan, the country of the realization of Iqbal’s vision, the country of our Muslim brothers and sisters, where is your soul? 




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