CFU Marks East Turkistan National Day



November 12, 9:00 PM ET

Sabrina Sohail:    

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Today, Campaign for Uyghurs (CFU) and the Uyghur community join together to commemorate East Turkistan National Day. This day marks the historic establishment of the Islamic Republic of East Turkistan on November 12th, 1933, in the city of Kashgar, and the Republic of East Turkistan on the same day in 1944, in the city of Ghulja.

East Turkistan National Day holds profound significance as a remembrance of the historical struggle for democracy in a region where genocide persists. Following the Chinese regime’s occupation of East Turkistan, Uyghur people have endured discrimination, oppression, cultand brutality, culminating in an ongoing genocide. Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is actively seeking to destroy the Uyghur identity, history, and culture. 

Executive Director Rushan Abbas remarked in honor of the occasion, “East Turkistan Day is a day of remembrance for our beautiful homeland, distinct culture, and what is at stake. As Uyghurs living outside of East Turkistan, our rich history is a source of hope, inspiring us to continue fighting for the freedom of our community back home, which is facing active genocide. I urge the international community to join our campaign against CCP’s atrocities and voice support for the Uyghurs on this important occasion.”

CFU honors the resilience of the Uyghur people and remains steadfast in its commitment to advocate for the rights and dignity of the Uyghur community. CFU calls on the international community, governments, and individuals to join hands in advocating for the Uyghur cause and stand against genocide, champion democracy, and safeguard the fundamental rights of every individual. 



Campaign for Uyhgurs

We defend the human rights of uyghur people and the free world by exposing and confronting the chinese government's genocide, and empowering uyghur women and youth in the diaspora.

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