State Department Releases 2020 Report on Human Rights Practices

CFU Press Release
For Immediate Release
March 30, 2021 5:00 p.m. EST

Campaign For Uyghurs (CFU) was gratified to see the Chinese Communist Party’s genocide and crimes against humanity spotlighted in the newly released State Department report on Human Rights Practices for 2020.

In remarks delivered March 30th regarding the report’s release, Secretary Antony Blinken expressed his thanks for “human rights defenders and journalists” as well as the dedicated personnel who compiled the report.

Regarding alarming trend lines indicating a decline in human rights globally, Secretary Blinken stated that “We see it in the genocide that is being committed against the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs”.  He continued that “Standing up for human rights everywhere is in America’s interest.” Secretary Blinken confirmed, stating that others who indicated the U.S. should focus only on domestic issues “missed the point”.

Speaking on the United States’ own flaws, Secretary Blinken stated that “We deal with them in the daylight, with full transparency. In fact, that’s what separates our democracy from autocracies..”. He listed the recent collaborative sanctions against Chinese State officials and entities as an example of holding perpetrators of human rights abuses accountable.

The report details extensively the many backwards, repressive tactics and violations of human rights undertaken by the Chinese regime, including the actions to forcibly disappear Uyghur thought figures, detailing that “Those disappeared and believed still to be held in the camps or otherwise detained included Rahile Dawut, an internationally known folklorist; Abdukerim Rahman, literature professor; Azat Sultan, Xinjiang University professor; Gheyretjan Osman, literature professor; Arslan Abdulla, language professor; Abdulqadir Jalaleddin, poet; Yalqun Rozi, writer, and Gulshan Abbas, retired doctor.”

Dr. Rishat Abbas, Senior Advisor for CFU and Honorary Chairman of Uyghur Academy stated in response to the remarks that “Uyghurs are greatly encouraged to see this clear messaging to call out the Chinese regime’s crimes for what they are, and to stand firmly on the principles that should be upheld by the United States in particular regarding freedom and respect for the values of humanity.”

CFU continues to remain supportive of the actions by the government of the United States to work with other democracies and concerned leaders to bring justice and hopes to see the continuing prioritization of stopping the Uyghur genocide using all tools available.

To read the report, click here.

CFU compiled a report last summer on the CCP’s crimes entitled “China’s Genocide in East Turkistan”, and remains committed to holding the Chinese Communist regime accountable.



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