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October 29, 2020 5:30 p.m. EST

Campaign for Uyghurs was extremely grateful to hear the insightful, on-point remarks in a briefing given by Ambassador Kelley Currie to the U.S. Department of State Asia-Pacific Media Hub in Manila. Speaking via telephone, Ambassador Currie addressed the Chinese regime’s actions in East Turkistan and the impacts on Uyghur women. Her work on issues that affect women globally has been incredibly impactful, and her remarks reveal the impressive, clear understanding on the part of the Office of Global Women’s Issues about the reality of the genocide. 

As she stated, “..we see the UN signing lots of agreements with the Chinese Government to help them facilitate their Belt and Road projects, but not really interested in investigating what’s happening on that Belt and Road, and at the railhead of that Belt and Road.” Her boldness in speaking for women worldwide, and especially against the brutalities that are faced by Uyghur women, offers great encouragement to oppressed peoples across the globe. 

CFU was honored to have Ambassador Currie participate as a keynote speaker in a recent panel titled, “Beyond the Statistics: Uyghur Women & China’s Brutalities” which also featured first hand testimony from Uyghurs who have been victimized by the brutal Chinese regime’s genocidal policies against Uyghur women. We are reminded, as Ambassador. Currie stated in her remarks last night, that “This is not an elaborate scam that the United States is trying to perpetrate on the world. This is real. And I think the fact that the Chinese Communist Party has not allowed unfettered access, that they’ve kicked out western journalists who have tried to look into this, and reduced dramatically the amount of western journalists who are in China today looking at these issues, is further evidence that there is something that they are trying to hide, and they’ve gone on a massive propaganda spree to try to push back on this independent reporting.”

Together we will continue to push for cooperation between civil society and government actors to maximize the efforts to end this genocide before the ideology of the CCP spreads globally and further brutalizes vulnerable people worldwide. 

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