E-Book: Stop the 21st Century Holocaust

We are celebrating our independence and enjoying our freedom in America today, July 4th. However the Uyghurs throughout the world are commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Urumchi massacre and the Uyghurs in their homeland are experiencing tragic nightmare today, July 5th.

The Uyghurs who have great contributions to the world deserve to live free like us. The world promised that a mass human incarceration would never happen again 74 years ago. Unfortunately, the Chinese version of Dachau and Auschwitz concentration camps are back in the Uyghurs’ homeland, East Turkestan.

An American middle school student Ian Evans wrote this book for supporting Uyghurs and reminding us how important our freedom and independence are. Ian visited Uyghurs’ homeland years ago and had deep spiritual connections to Uyghur children there. His dream today is to see Uyghur children living in freedom and peace like all American children here. This book is dedicated to every individual who is fighting for the freedom and peace of the Uyghurs.  Please download the book from the link below:


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