Double Relative Program Led To Government-Sponsored Mass Rape: Campaign For Uyghurs

Double relative program led to government-sponsored mass rape: Campaign for Uyghurs

Amid reports of China violating the basic human rights of Uyghur Muslims, Campaign for Uyghurs have released a ‘Genocide in East Turkistan’ revealing the crimes being committed upon the ethnic community.

“The Chinese government sent 1.1 million Han Chinese cadres to East Turkistan to control the daily life of Uyghurs. Their job is to stay in Uyghur homes, share the same bed with them if necessary and to control all aspects of their daily lives. With the ‘Double Relative Program’ initiated by the Beijing government, Han Chinese cadres make visits at least once every two months and stay for about a week. During the stay, while constantly spreading Chinese Communist Party propaganda, they also spy on them. During these visits, they encourage drinking of alcohol and eat pork, all of which are forbidden in Islam. If a Uyghur requests ‘halal meat’ from the market and if they do not drink, they are declared a suspect and sent to the camps,” the report said.

Among the Uyghurs, the worst sufferers are young girls and women. The Campaign for Uyghurs said, “The most dangerous aspect of this Double Relative Program is that women, whose husbands are in the camps have to share the same bed with the Chinese men. The Campaign for Uyghurs Executive Director, Rushan Abbas points out that this situation has led to government-sponsored mass rape.”

The report further stated, “Young Uyghur girls forced to marry Han Chinese men as a step towards changing the demographics in East Turkistan, in particular, as a result of the Chinese who come to stay in Uyghur houses as permanent guests and marry the young girls living there. Parents are unable to object to the marriage because if they do, they are sent to the camps.”

“In order to disrupt the Uyghur family structure, the Beijing administration offers the Han Chinese money, jobs and free homes for these arranged marriages. The Communist Party successfully spreads propaganda through films and advertisements and other broadcasting organs in order to recruit candidates for the forced marriages. The government goes a step further and employs social security officers for the weddings. The purpose of the officers is to guide the Han Chinese men during the wedding and to ‘persuade’ the meeting of the Uyghur girls and their families. Uyghur men are constantly broadcasted as ‘terrorists’ by the Chinese Communist Party through heavy propaganda methods. On the other hand, Uyghur women are advertised as ‘sexual items.’ This is another method of forcibly changing the family dynamic and the living conditions in the region,” the Campaign for Uyghurs revealed. (ANI)

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