Document confirms brutal treatment of Uyghurs in China

Source: UCA NEWS

Fresh reports have emerged about the extent of the crackdown by Chinese authorities against Muslim Uyghurs in the central region of Xinjiang after a leaked internal Communist Party document was obtained by German media.

And on Feb. 21 Amnesty International released case studies showing how China is systematically harassing Uyghurs and other Chinese Muslim minorities overseas.

The newly leaked document, known as the “Qaraqash Document” or “Qaraqash List” in reference to the Xinjiang town referred to in the document, shows that detainees were put into what China described as “re-education systems” for offenses related to common religious practices such as growing a beard or wearing a veil.

It also describes how authorities are using advanced surveillance techniques — millions of cameras are installed across Xinjiang — to track “every fac