Chinese Regime Must End Extreme Covid Lockdowns in East Turkistan

CFU Press Release
For Immediate Release
September 9 2022 10:30 AM EDT
Contact: Rushan Abbas,
+1 (559) 375-3571

Campaign for Uyghurs (CFU) demands that the Chinese regime cease its so-called “Zero-Covid Policy” in East Turkistan. In recent weeks there have been many reports that the Chinese regime is locking up Uyghurs in their homes and leaving them to starve, all for the sake of China’s unattainable and over-ambitious zero-covid policy. Horrific videos have been shared on social media showing families having no food left having been locked up in their homes for weeks.

The content of these videos show Uyghurs reaching out to the local government, with the general message being to let them out and to bring food to feed their starving children, however their cries have fallen on deaf ears. Other videos show trucks full of Uyghur nan bread being thrown away as waste and fruits and vegetables being left to rot in warehouses while Uyghurs are left to starve in their homes. There are also video messages saying families have gone without food for five days and videos of voice messages off Wechat of voices crying and screaming, saying they are on the verge of dying due to starvation. There are also reports of Uyghurs jumping off buildings due to the psychological stress and trauma from being welded and barricaded into their homes.

Last week it was reported by the Associated Press that China has been “imposing quarantines of more than 40 days and arresting those who do not comply. Some residents are being coerced into swallowing traditional Chinese medicine, according to government notices, social media posts and interviews with three people in quarantine” in East Turkistan.

Executive Director Rushan Abbas said “Xi Jinping has his election coming up very soon at the People’s Congress and one of his main promises was he would eradicate Covid through his outlandish zero-covid policy. Instead, he is eradicating people not just in East Turkistan but throughout China. We should be at the gates of the Chinese consulates and embassies everywhere, calling for an end to this ‘genocide through starvation’ policy.”

CFU calls on everyone to get in touch with their local Uyghur communities and attend demonstrations in front of the Chinese consulates and embassies, which are set for this weekend and in the coming weeks in calling for an end to the strictest Covid lockdowns in the world, taking place in East Turkistan. Lastly, we would like to reiterate our calls to the newly appointed United Nations Human Rights Chief Volker Turk to demand China give independent investigators unfettered access to examine what is happening on the ground.



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