CFU Statement Regarding the Comments by Turkish Interior Minister on the Uyghur Genocide



May 24, 7:30 PM ET

Sabrina Sohail: 

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Highlighting the atrocities faced by Uyghurs also confirmed in the United Nations’ August 2022 report, Campaign for Uyghurs (CFU) is deeply saddened by the recent comments made by the Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu on the plight of Uyghurs and the Uyghur community in Türkiye.

The judgment of the independent Uyghur Tribunal and the conclusions reached by the United Nations both confirm the severe human rights violations perpetrated by the Chinese government against Uyghurs and Turkic groups in East Turkistan. When evidence of genocide, as presented by the Uyghur Tribunal, is discovered by any government that has ratified the Genocide Convention—including Türkiye—it becomes the duty of the global community under international law to take action.

“The suffering of the Uyghurs under the CCP is a tragic reality that demands immediate action from the global community,” CFU’s Executive Director Rushan Abbas said on the matter. “Neither the United States nor any other nation came to support the Uyghurs overnight. It took years of tireless advocacy on behalf of the Uyghur community to illuminate the true gravity of the situation. Exposing the truth, advocating for justice, and mobilizing international support to end the Uyghur genocide has been the singular focus of the Uyghur community. Our plight is not a political ploy, it is a matter of human rights and dignity for the Uyghur people.”

Downplaying the atrocities of the Uyghur Genocide or dismissing accusations as propaganda or political ploys rings close to the narrative that the Chinese Communist Party has relentlessly spread worldwide to deny the ongoing genocide of the Uyghur people. Any nation that respects humanity and adheres to the vow of “Never Again” should be expected not to conduct business as usual with the Chinese Government as it continues to perpetuate horrific crimes against the Uyghur people.



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