CFU Condemns OIC Delegation’s Visit to East Turkistan



August 21, 3:30 PM ET

Sabrina Sohail:

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Campaign for Uyghurs (CFU) condemns the recent visit of a high-level delegation from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to China. This recent visit led by Ambassador Dya-Eddine Bamakhrama, was to engage in discussions on “mutual interests” and “strategic partnerships” with Chinese authorities. This undermines the moral duty of the OIC member states to protect human rights and inadvertently legitimizes China’s brutal actions against the Uyghur Muslims.

The delegation’s mission to China disregards the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity faced by Uyghur Muslims, compounded by China’s systematic ban on Islamic practices in East Turkistan. The repression of religious freedom in East Turkistan is a deeply troubling aspect of the ongoing atrocities. Reports of forced labor, cultural suppression, and detention camps underscore the gravity of the situation, demanding immediate international action. CFU calls on the OIC member states to prioritize human rights and moral responsibility over diplomatic considerations.

The OIC’s previous condemnations of attacks on Muslims and Islamophobia in other countries, such as the burning of the Quran in Sweden, stand in stark contrast to its silence and even support for China’s policies against Uyghurs. This inconsistency undermines the credibility of the OIC’s commitment to defending the rights and dignity of Muslims worldwide.

Executive Director Rushan Abbas expresses her condemnation of the visit, “China’s manipulation of the OIC delegation’s visit is a calculated attempt to further its disinformation campaign and whitewash the ongoing Uyghur genocide. By allowing themselves to be part of this narrative, the OIC member states undermine their own credibility and failed to stand up for justice and human rights. The world must not be fooled by this strategic move, and we call on the OIC to reassess its position and genuinely advocate for the rights and dignity of the Uyghur people.”

CFU calls on the international community, especially the Muslim world, to see through China’s manipulative tactics and unite in demanding an end to the ongoing atrocities in East Turkistan. We emphasize the need for collective action in raising awareness, ensuring accountability, and putting pressure on China to halt the genocide.



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