CFU Calls for Swift Action on the Uyghur Genocide Intelligence Review Act



May 25, 5:30 PM ET

Sabrina Sohail: 

(650) 703-4523

Campaign for Uyghurs (CFU) welcomes the Uyghur Genocide Intelligence Review Act (UGIRA), and urgently calls upon Congress to take immediate and decisive action on the UGIRA. Spearheaded by Representative Ritchie Torres of New York, this groundbreaking bill represents a critical step towards shedding light on the Uyghur genocide and holding the Chinese regime accountable.

The UGIRA, also known as H.R. 3349, is an instrumental piece of legislation that demands transparency, truth, and justice. If enacted, it would require the Director of National Intelligence to submit an annual report to Congress, providing an in-depth analysis of the Uyghur genocide and ongoing human rights violations. The significance of this bill cannot be overstated as it aims to address various aspects of the Uyghur crisis. A unanimous and bipartisan group of members from the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has prioritized the adoption of the UGIRA as a crucial legislative measure aimed at putting an end to the CCP’s ongoing genocide.

In a press release Rep. Torres said, “The Chinese Communist Party’s genocide against the Uyghur people is a crime against humanity that’s too grave to be ignored. The story of the victims must be fully told,” the Congressman continued to say “I am hopeful my legislation will build on the bipartisan work of the select committee to confront the human rights abuses by the CCP against ethnic and religious minorities. Both parties must work together and commit to sounding the alarm about the CCP’s clear and convincing intent to destroy the culture, identity, history, and very existence [of] Uyghurs as a people, whose birthrates have already been cut in half by forced abortions and sterilizations. Once the United States invokes the term ‘genocide’, we have a special obligation to galvanize the federal government and the international community into action.”

The UGIRA includes key provisions that address various dimensions of the Uyghur crisis:

Section 1: Short Title

The bill may be referred to as the “Uyghur Genocide Intelligence Review Act.”

Section 2: Annual Report by Director of National Intelligence on Uyghur Genocide

(a) Collection: Mandates the heads of intelligence community elements to ensure the timely and effective collection of intelligence related to the Uyghur genocide.

(b) Annual Report on Uyghur Genocide:

  • Requires the Director of National Intelligence, in coordination with relevant intelligence community heads, to submit an annual report to the congressional intelligence committees within 180 days of the Act’s enactment and annually thereafter until the Uyghur genocide is no longer a matter of concern.
  • The report must include an analysis of intelligence collected regarding various aspects, including forced sterilization, forced transfer of Uyghur children, forced labor, work conditions, physical and psychological torture, infringements on Uyghur rights, surveillance methods, and other relevant matters determined by the Director of National Intelligence.

Executive Director Rushan Abbas said, “This bill aims to create a lifeline for the voiceless Uyghur people. When enacted, this bill will play a key role in uncovering the truth about the Uyghur genocide and providing justice to the victims. The introduction of this bill is a testament to our collective resolve to confront evil head-on and fight for the eradication of this unfathomable atrocity. It also sends a powerful message that the international community will not stand idly by while these unspeakable human rights abuses persist. I implore the Congress to grasp the urgency of this moment and pass this legislation swiftly to reiterate their unwavering commitment to the values of justice and human dignity.”

CFU urges members of Congress to recognize the gravity of the Uyghur crisis, prioritize human rights, and swiftly support and pass the UGIRA. This legislation represents an essential step towards accountability and justice for the Uyghur people. The UGIRA stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to humanity.



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