Campaign For Uyghurs Condemns Apple’s Lobbying Efforts

CFU Press Release
For Immediate Release
November 21, 2020, 8:00 a.m. EST

In the latest confirmation that reveals Apple’s true intentions regarding ethical standards, further evidence of the work that remains to be done to hold businesses accountable cements the commitment of Campaign For Uyghurs (CFU) to fight for legislation that will provide such accountability. CFU remains resolutely firm on this truth: such unethical, inhumane actions on the part of an American company are completely against American values, and indeed, the values of humanity.

Campaign for Uyghurs Executive Director Rushan Abbas stated regarding Apple’s actions that “it’s like a slap in the face to me. My sister is missing, detained by the Chinese regime, and likely being forced to work as a slave in one of the facilities that companies like Apple are relying on to produce their products. My sister, a retired medical doctor, is being forced to make your iPhone, and why? All because she is Uyghur and her sister speaks out against genocide. Apple’s decision is direct, despicable complicity in genocide.”

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays coming up, we call on global consumers to make clear to Apple that choosing to ignore human rights is not profitable. CFU asks that shoppers refrain from purchasing Apple products in light of these horrifying actions, and encourages individuals to join the chorus of human rights allies making their voices heard on this issue.

For more information on Uyghur Forced Labor and brands that are complicit in the genocide of Uyghurs, please visit the Coalition to End Forced Labor website or to see contact information for Apple, click here.



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