October 5, 2019

Faces of religious persecution: Jewher Ilham

Jewher Ilham was 18 when she and her father were set to board a plane to visit the United States in 2013 and Chinese authorities stopped and arrested him. Jewher and her father are Uighur Muslims, a persecuted ethnic minority group. “The

Congress must take action on Chinese human rights abuses

“It has become a crime to be Uighur in China.” Jewher Ilham, a Uyghur activist from China, made this disturbing assertion this week at a religious freedom event on the sidelines of the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting, the first such

For Uighur refugees, freedom means losing family

Abdullah Rasul, 35, a Uighur refugee living in Turkey, says that he has so little contact with his family in China that it took three months for him to find out that his father was dead Abdullah Rasul, 35, a