Report CCP Pressure on Your Campus

If you are seeing pressure from the CCP on your student campus – especially on Chinese Nationals – to monitor their fellow students and support the Chinese government’s… Read More

China Alert Sheet

The United States Holocaust Museum Simon-Skjodt Center for Genocide Prevention has issued a China Alert Sheet on the Uyghur genocide, and what you can do. Click here to… Read More

Uyghur Forced Labor Infographic

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Why Beijing 2022 Matters

WHY THE BEIJING 2022 OLYMPICS MATTER You may have seen the Beijing 2022 Olympics show up in the news recently. Why? China is set to host the 2022… Read More

Your Involvement

Are you passionate about advocating for Uyghur human rights? Do you want to make a difference? You can get involved in advocating for the Uyghurs by reviewing the… Read More

Campaign for Uyghurs Infographics

Campaign for Uyghurs has been working diligently in creating helpful infographics which allow for one to become quickly and easily acquainted with topic of the Uyghur plight. There… Read More