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Uyghur Starvation Genocide, 9/22. Infographic. 8 slides.

9/22 Eight slides. Because of strict Covid lockdowns, Uyghurs are starved in their homes and not given food or medical aid. Thank you for sharing this  infographic. Please cite Campaign for Uyghurs for use of this original material. Sources: 22

Why the U.N Refuses to Say Uyghur Genocide infographic

Five slide infographic on why the U.N. refuses to use the term “genocide” when the Uyghur genocide meets the U.N’s own definition of the word.   Thank you for sharing this information. Please cite Campaign for Uyghurs for use of this

The Xinjiang Police Files

What are the Xinjiang Police Files? Learn more with this infographic. Share on your platforms!

Report CCP Pressure on Your Campus

If you are seeing pressure from the CCP on your student campus – especially on Chinese Nationals – to monitor their fellow students and support the Chinese government’s goals, you can fill out this anonymous form here.

China Alert Sheet

The United States Holocaust Museum Simon-Skjodt Center for Genocide Prevention has issued a China Alert Sheet on the Uyghur genocide, and what you can do. Click here to see.  

Uyghur Forced Labor Infographic


Why Beijing 2022 Matters

WHY THE BEIJING 2022 OLYMPICS MATTER You may have seen the Beijing 2022 Olympics show up in the news recently. Why? China is set to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in one year- all while committing a genocide against the