Dr. Honigsberg

Dr. Peter Jan Honigsberg

Dr. Peter Jan Honigsberg is Professor of Law at the University of San Francisco. He is founder and director of Witness to Guantánamo, the only human rights organization in the world to film 158 interviews in 20 countries of people who lived or worked in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.  He has traveled to Albania, Bermuda, Sweden, Switzerland and Palau to meet and interview the former Uyghur inmates released from Guantánamo Bay.

Dr. Honigsberg is the author of a number of books including Our Nation Unhinged: the Human Consequences of the War on Terror, and Crossing Border Street: A Civil Rights Memoir, both published by the University of California Press.  Honigsberg has written articles and blog pieces—including pieces for the Washington Post and the Huffington Post—on the war on terror, national security, and Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. His work has been reviewed in the New Yorker and the Economist. His courses include Administrative Law,  Terrorism post 9/11, and International Criminal Law.  Professor Honigsberg’s book on his work with Witness to Guantánamo will be published by Beacon Press in fall 2019.