Ms. Tunisa Matsedik-Qira

Ms. Tunisa Matsedik-Qira was the president of  the Vancouver Uyghur Cultural Society between 2007-2009. In addition to her role as Deputy Director at Campaign for Uyghurs, she is also a Board Member and Uyghur Women Counsellor at the East Turkistan Association of Canada. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Mandarin from Kashgar Teachers University of East Turkistan. Moreover, she graduated the Nursing program at Vancouver Community College and is currently working as a nurse.



Mr. Uerkesh Davlet

Chairman of the board

Ms. Rushan Abbas

Founder and Executive Director

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Deputy Director

Mr. Kamalturk Yalkun

General Secretary

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Director of Public Affairs

Mr. Husenjan Emet

Director of Planning

Dr. Maya Mitalipova

Director of Central Asia Outreach

Ms. Mukerrem Kurban

Women's Outreach & Training Director

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Director of Japan Outreach

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Director of Turkey Outreach

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Director of Cultural Affairs

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