Ms. Akida Pulat

Akida Pulat an Uyghur, born in Urumqi. Akida graduated from the University of Washington with a master of information Systems. Before that, she earned my bachelor’s degree in Ecommerce from the University of International Business and Economics(对外经济贸易大学) in Beijing. Akida previously was a business analyst.

In 2019, Akida decided to speak up for her mother, who has been arbitrary detained by the Chinese government since December 12, 2017. Becoming an grassroots activist, she fights for the release of her mother. Akida pushes herself to do more for her mother and all the Uyghurs that are suffering. As a daughter who witnessed the tragedy of her mother, she developed more motivation to speaking up for the human right abuses happened on Uyghur, deciding to join Campaign for Uyghurs to raise more public awareness of the Uyghur issue.